Arnaud Lajeunie

Text by Sarah Oberrauch

This text in English

Arnaud Lajeunie works in fashion photography as well as being co-editor and photo-editor of the alternative erotic magazine L'imparfaite. Constantly confronted with conventional expectations regarding the idealisation and eroticisation of the body in this context, Arnaud Lajeunie answers by drawing attention to the unexpectedly beautiful or the bizarre. By offering forms of representation that go beyond the normative, the bodies are given back their spaces of movement and expression. The use of lighting and colour pigments allow for them to merge with their surroundings. The photographic series Le Louvre shows models posing next to museum visitors and art works, while in the series Made in China, representations of extravagant fashion reference portrait painting of the renaissance – as if visitors of the Louvre had been eternally captured by the old masters.

Arnaud Lajeunie  (b.1986) - Lives and works between Paris and London. After completing a Master Degree in Political Sciences from Science Po Paris (where he cofounded L’imparfaite magazine) he turned to photography. His work on landscapes and site-responsive installations made him a finalist of the Hyères' 29th Festival of Photography in 2014. He was also invited to various group shows in several galleries or institutions, such as FOAM or Paris Photo. In parallel he developed a fashion and portraiture practice where he kept exploring unrestraint human behaviors within well conceived frames. This tension between spontaneity and carefully crafted photographs, the dialogue between effective commercial and editorial image-making offered him to work with client such as Chanel, Dior, Dom Perignon, Maison Martin Margiela or Y/Project.