No-one knows what a body can do?     

Text by Sarah Oberrauch

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Curator's Tour
Thursday 8th June 2017
18:00 at Lanserhaus, Plazerstrasse 22-24, St.Michael Eppan, Italy
19:00 at Castle Gandegg, Pigano 19, St.Michael Eppan, Italy

Artists & Writers
Susan Kooi & Lukas Hoffmann, Collective Samet Yilmaz, Arnaud Lajeunie, Eugenia Lapteva & Erik Gustafsson, Jonathan Lahey Dronsfield, Christian Fogarolli, Michell VVolta, Hanne Lippard & Maurits de Bruijn, Stefano Bernardi, Masatoshi Noguchi, Inga Lace
curated by Sarah & Kathrin Oberrauch

My actions and desires are like lines and planes. They are bodies – they are my body, as it lives and breathes. The idea of the body as a vacant shell, a tabula rasa into which discourse writes itself forgets that the materiality of the body is not merely a mould, but its very precondition. It is not merely the site of its occupation, but the protagonist. The hidden, contingent actions of the body are beyond semantic comprehension and can be understood only by means of a material thinking. Only through a grammar of the body is it possible to experience these actions.

J.G.Plazer Street 22 – 24
St. Michael Eppan (Italy)